Lady Gaga & Score Sobe…The Evolution.


We’ve all been there….The Saturday night you stroll into the hottest gay club in town, dancing & drinking, living for the night and suddenly the music stops. You look over to the stage and someone you’ve never heard of walks up on stage and sings a song you may (or may not) have heard. Sometimes they’re fierce, sometimes they’re not. Point of the story? Be kind, smile at everyone & offer a helping hand! You never know who you are talking to. We should always remember those who have been kind and supportive to us along the way. She’s a perfect example of humility.

Lady Gaga performs at Score during Winter Music Conference on March 27, 2008.

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Lady Gaga recalls her experience at Score during her concert on New Years Eve

Lady Gaga returns to say “thanks” to her fans at Score on South Beach – January 2, 2010

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